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On-Demand Webinar

From SailPoint IdentityIQ to Identity Security Cloud (ISC): How to create value in your IAM program with Cloud

If you’re like many of our clients who leverage SailPoint IdentityIQ, you’re curious about the value of migrating to Identity Security Cloud (ISC). As a SailPoint Admiral Partner, we’ve helped many of our clients migrate from IIQ to ISC.

Usually, the first question asked is, “Are we a good candidate for ISC?”

We answer this question and discuss the top reasons why organizations are choosing to migrate to ISC, best practices for migrating, and how you can utilize a migration to create immediate, impactful value for your organization.

What is covered in the webinar:

  • What makes a company a good candidate for the migration
  • Challenges you will face and what to expect/not to expect
  • Best practices for migrating to ISC and process expectations
  • How to create immediate business value
  • What should one do after the migration
  • Managing the changing landscape – both technical and compliance
  • Ensuring interoperability with new systems and apps once on the platform


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About the Presenter

Anshul Chaudhary rounded

Anshul Chaudhary  Principal Solution Advisor

With more than 15 years of identity security experience, Anshul is a principal solution advisor for identity security development across the MajorKey client community. He advises clients on how to evolve security strategies and solutions in ways that align with business objectives while efficiently protecting cloud infrastructure and company IP.